Web Practice

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Our web practice interface is currently only available for Bird-ID and has limited functionality. However, some people still prefer to use it since it can be easier than the Discord bot.

Check it out here!

a screenshot of the web practice interface


  • While it is possible to use the interface without being logged in, your scores will not be synced to your Discord account. We recommend logging in if possible.
  • If you log in after answering birds correctly, your correct answers will be added to your account score.
  • The session stats displayed on the side are calculated by your browser and will reset if you reload the page. However, the server will still be keeping track of your correct answers.
  • We currently only support the default National Bird List, the female/juvenile Macaulay Library filters, and the black and white image filter. Change these options by clicking the “Options” button.
  • You can switch between images and songs by clicking the “Options” button and selecting the “Songs” media type.