Get Better At Specimen ID

Practicing specimen identification can be tedious, but it doesn't have to be. Identifying specimens quickly and accurately is essential to Science Olympiad success, and SciOlyID is here to help.

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Discord bots tailor-made for Science Olympiad

SciOlyID was born from a need for a better way to practice identification for Science Olympiad, specifically bird ID for Ornithology. We later expanded to Fossils and Reach for the Stars (now discontinued). Currently, we operate Bird-ID for Ornithology, Minerobo for Rocks and Minerals, and Treebo for Forestry. We support the latest specimen lists in the Science Olympiad rulebook in addition to state-specific specimen lists. It's not just images either! Sound-based identification is available for Ornithology too.

Since SciOlyID integrates within Discord, we meet students where they're likely to be, making it super easy to get practice wherever they go. We're also working on a web version of SciOlyID, currently available for Bird-ID with a limited feature set.

Why SciOlyID?

Rapid-Fire Practice

Accelerate your learning process! SciOlyID takes care of finding images for each specimen, pulling from a vast database with thousands of photos. Put down the flashcards and start training with a wider variety of pictures instead.

Fun and Engaging

SciOlyID gamifies studying, making ID practice enjoyable and exciting. Compete with students across the country for a spot on the global leaderboard, or start an ID race with your friends to see who has the sharper skills (or is just better at typing).

Personalized Studying

Keep track of commonly missed IDs with our personal stats to see what needs work. SciOlyID also supports customized study sessions where you can choose a specific group of specimens to practice. Make ID practice more effective with SciOlyID!

Collaborative Community

By being within Discord, a community is already at your fingertips! Set up a team server to encourage each other, share ID tips, or engage in friendly competition. Or join our support server, a group of peers that share a passion for Science Olympiad.

How has SciOlyID helped your team?

Kavi Gollamudi's profile
Before SciOlyID, my only option for practicing tricky and unique IDs was to have my partner look up photos and show them to me while hiding the name. Now, I can practice identifying rocks and birds whenever I want. SciOlyID has improved my and my team's skills tremendously in Rocks and Minerals, Fossils, and Ornithology through the 2020, 2021, and 2022 seasons. Thank you for creating this excellent resource for the Science Olympiad ID event community.

Kavi Gollamudi

Co-president, Mountain View HS (CA)

Bella Liu's profile
SciOlyID has been a fantastic tool not only for my learning, but for teaching others. I can pop in during a team member's practice session and give them tips on the specific birds they miss. It's saved all the time I'd normally spend creating a flashcard set; now I can spend even more time honing my ID skills.

Bella Liu

Team Captain, Troy HS (CA)

Ayushi Kashyap's profile
SciOlyID is a very useful software that my team and I have been using for two years now. Without SciOlyID, the process of learning, exploring, and familiarizing myself with the various ID event lists would be much more tedious. It gamifies the monotonous process of learning all the specimens and makes it fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone who participates in identification events.

Ayushi Kashyap

Team Captain, Mission San Jose HS (CA)