Image Verifications

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While we’re lucky to have the Macaulay Library for bird images, there isn’t a similar resource available for Rocks and Minerals. For Minerobo, we have compiled a source of Creative Commons licensed images from around the internet. Still, some may be mistagged, low quality, or of something completely unrelated.

That’s why we depend on the community to help us verify images! Head over to the image verifications page and sign in with your Discord account. You might need to join our support server first.

Instructions for verifying images will be displayed on the image verifications page. Please read them to understand what we’re looking for. Skip any images if you’re unsure if it’s the correct specimen (unless they’re obviously unrelated). Stats on how others have marked the image are displayed on the top right.


Where are the images from? These images are sourced from various sites around the internet, licensed under a Creative Commons license. Since the images are not from a single reputable source, we need your help to ensure that the image contains a correct, identifiable specimen.

Do I need to find and add images? Nope! All you need to do is go through the images, mark correct ones as valid, and flag duplicate/invalid images.

What if I’m not sure if the image is correct? Please skip any images that seem plausible but you’re not confident are valid. For images that are clearly wrong (such as ones that don’t contain any rocks or minerals), please mark those as invalid.

What counts as a duplicate image? If the bot detects a possible duplicate, it will prompt you with the suspect images. You shouldn’t need to mark any other images as duplicates, even if you see similar ones. This is because the bot only searches images that have been added. If it also searched the ones in the queue, both images may be marked as duplicate and deleted, which we don’t want.

What if I have questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to discuss things in the Minerobo #general channel. Leave suggestions in #feedback and report errors in #support.